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Our website under the domain name (our website) is operated in China by or on behalf of Shenzhen Adesun Valve Co., LTD.

This policy applies to information about you which is collected and used by or on behalf of us or by any other company under the Adesun brand.

We are only able to provide you with our products and services through our website if we have certain information about you.

The information that we collect is as set out on the relevant pages of our website and may include: your name and contact information, including postal and email address, fax and telephone number(s); details of transactions you carry out through our site and of the fulfillment of your orders; your billing information, transaction and credit or debit card information; your age and gender, your personal or professional interests, demographics and experiences with our products and/or services.

Some of the information that we collect will be 'Personal Data'. This means data related to you and which identifies you. Unless otherwise indicated, we will not collect 'Sensitive Personal Data' from you. This includes information about your race, political opinions, health, religious and other beliefs or sexual orientation.

In this policy we use the terms 'Personal Data', 'information about you' and 'your information' interchangeably.

We may use information about you for any of the following purposes:

To enable us to fulfil our obligations under any contract with you (including any sale to you of our products or services or in relation to our loyalty schemes) and as part of our customer care procedures related to any such contract;Toregister you on our website and to administer our website services (including processing any searches or requests for information about us, our products or services);For assessment and analysis of our market, customers, products and services (including asking you for your opinions on our products and services and carrying out customer surveys);To enable us to monitor, review and improve the products and services which we offer;For internal record keeping;(subject to the direct marketing section below) for marketing purposes;To comply with our legal obligations to provide your details to the TV Licensing authority if you purchase a television or television receiving equipment from us; and to conduct free prize draws, prize competitions, or promotions.
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